breast cancer?


According to the World Health Organization, more than 15,000 people are being diagnosed with breast cancer in Bangladesh every year. More than 98 percent of them are women, but very few men are diagnosed with breast cancer.

About seven and a half thousand people die of this disease every year.

What is breast cancer?

Experts say that the number of people suffering from cancer in Bangladesh is increasing every year. The rate of breast cancer is also increasing.

Doctors say that when some breast cells grow abnormally, those irregular and extra cells divide into tumors or lumps.

It spreads to different parts of the body through lymphatic (cell-juice) and other blood vessels. This tendency to spread is cancer.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

Breast cancer can have many symptoms. Therefore, breast examination should be done from time to time to see if there are any abnormalities in the breast. The most common symptoms of breast cancer are:
1) Almost all women have lumps in their breasts. Some of these are cancerous and some are non-cancerous. These breast lumps are often found on the underarm or under the collar bone. There are also lumps around the nipple that are hard to press and do not change position. If you see anything like that, contact the doctor immediately.

2) There is no rash on the breast, but there is a feeling like itching or itching, but it is a sign of cancer. Many times with this light juice is secreted from the nipple, the skin of the breast also changes a bit. So if it is something like itching, do not apply any cream or lotion by yourself. Talk to your doctor first.

3) If there is a tumor in the breast, it puts pressure on the surrounding breast tissues and as a result a swollen feeling is seen in the breast. At the same time there is red feeling in the breast. It also hurts to touch or press the breast.

4) Shoulder and neck pain can also be a symptom of breast cancer because this cancer spreads easily from the breast to these parts of the body. If there is pain in all these places, it is not possible for the general public to know whether it is due to muscle pain or cancer. So it is better to check.

5) Breast size and size change can also be a symptom of this cancer. Usually this issue is more in the eyes of the partner. If you hear something like that, don’t blow up the matter. Examine your breasts in front of a mirror and get tested for cancer.

6) Lumps in the breast are not always large. Lumps like small blisters are also seen around the nipple. If you feel friction while wearing underwear, if you feel pain while lying in bed, do not delay going to the doctor.

) If you are not breastfeeding but you are seeing a small amount of milky discharge from the nipple, go to the doctor immediately. This is one of the major symptoms of breast cancer. Bleeding from the nipple is often seen.
8) The nipple is an impossibly sensitive part of the breast. If you notice that you are not feeling well after touching the nipple or have become completely numb, then it is very likely that it is breast cancer. This only happens when small tumors form under the skin of the nipple.
9) Flattening, bending, or uneven shape of the nipple are signs of cancer, especially if they are not visible during breastfeeding. Tell your partner to observe well. Contact your doctor if you have any doubts.

10) The skin on the upper part of the breast becomes rough, much like the peel of an orange, the symptoms of the early stage of cancer. One time in the day so the breast should be well monitored. Consult a doctor immediately if you notice any symptoms and get tested.

 How  is breast cancer causes

1.There has been a lot of change in lifestyle and eating habits, that’s one of the reasons. Also, if someone has a family history of breast cancer. If someone has menstruation before the age of twelve and menopause or menopause is late, they are also at risk. At the same time, radioactivity increases the risk of breast cancer. “

2.Late adoption, again those who do not have children, or do not breastfeed, have more fat and animal meat than vegetables or fruits in their diet and eat more processed foods, and those who are overweight also have a risk of breast cancer.

3.In addition to taking birth control pills or taking hormone injections for a long time, they are also at risk.

4.At the same time, the risk of developing breast cancer increases with age. This risk is much higher, especially after the age of 50. Then there is nothing to do.


If caught early, 90-95 percent of patients can dream of recovery. The treatment of this cancer is mainly divided into several parts-

*Surgery:Patients may need surgery at any stage of breast cancer. Whether surgery can be performed or what type of surgery will be the primary consideration. The decision will be made jointly by the surgeon and the oncologist. Many times only the tumor is removed. Many times the whole best is thrown away.


*Chemotherapy:Almost all patients have to take chemotherapy. Chemotherapy works even before or after surgery if the disease has spread to other parts of the body. Although chemotherapy has some side effects, there is no substitute for chemotherapy to heal the patient.The cancer specialist gives appropriate advice considering the physical condition of the patient, the effectiveness of chemotherapy, the financial condition of the patient etc. Physicians also prescribe chemotherapy to reduce side effects.


*Radiotherapy:Patients are given radiotherapy treatment through special machines. Its side effects are relatively low. Radiotherapy is given after general chemotherapy. Not only in the breast, but also if the cancer has spread to the bones, radiotherapy can be used to prevent bone fractures.


*Hormone therapy:Not all breast cancer patients need hormones. Cancer experts identify who needs hormone treatment through various tests.



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