early symptoms of a brain tumor

Brain tumor or intracranial neoplasm is a condition in which abnormal cells are formed in the human brain.There are two types of these tumors, one is malignant or cancerous tumor and the other is benign tumor.Cancer-causing tumors can be divided into primary tumors and metastasis or secondary tumors. The primary tumor originates in the inside of the brain, while the secondary tumor spreads to other parts of the body and enters the brain, which in medical terms is known as brain metastasis tumor.

What are the early symptoms of a brain tumor?

Things like headaches, convulsions,  and senselessness should not be ignored. Go to the doctor quickly.

Statistics show that only one percent of people worldwide are affected by brain tumors. Worryingly, however, most of the symptoms of this disorder remain unnoticed as general headaches or migraine, if you know about these hidden symptoms of brain tumors, it will be possible to start treatment at an early stage.


Here are some glimpses of Bain’s tumor:

. Headaches:A common symptom of brain tumors is chronic headaches. Medications may provide temporary relief, but the pain caused by the tumor will remain in the brain.In the future, these tumors may be the cause of brain cancer. This type of headache becomes more severe over time and starts as soon as you wake up. So you need to consult a doctor quickly to know the exact cause.

.vision problems:Another  early symptom of a brain tumor is loss of vision or complete loss of vision.Sometimes you will see blurred vision, it will be fine again. Or see nothing for a while. This can happen if you get up quickly from a sitting position or change your sitting position.

.Weaknesses:As the tumor begins to grow, you will gradually feel weak and lethargic.Because the tumor continues to grow, the brain tends to shrink under its pressure, which can impair sleep habits.And sleep problems can lead to drowsiness and lethargy throughout the day.

Seizures and being senseless:These are the main symptoms of this disease. According to The Brain Tumor Charity UK, those who suffer from seizures and loss of consciousness should seek medical advice immediately.

.Loss of balance:When the brain is diseased, it affects all kinds of movements. So if there is difficulty in walking or it is difficult to bend in one direction, then there is no coordination and balance between the brain and the body.


.Reproductive Disability:

Hormone levels in the body can also be affected due to brain problems. Having a tumor in the brain will affect the pituitary gland, producing excess hormones that will interfere with the function of other glands.

.Mood swing:Personality and behavior can also be greatly affected by brain tumors. These include increased irritability, lethargy, lack of mood, and sudden mood swings. Mood swings occur when the tumor occurs in some parts of the cerebrum, the frontal lobe, and the temporal lobe.

.Exhaustion: Fatigue can include symptoms such as feeling tired all the time, heaviness of limbs, weakness, daytime sleepiness and inability to concentrate.

Types of brain tumor

Brain tumors are formed when brain cells continue to divide at an abnormal rate. In many cases, tumors from these abnormally growing cells spread to other cells around the brain, and thus the tumor continues to grow. Brain tumors are mainly of two types, for instant:

1.Bening Brain Tumors and
2.Malignant Brain Tumors


Types of Benign brain tumor



.Glomus jugulare 



Types of Malignant Brain Tumors



Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)



who are most vulnerable to brain tumor

There are some tumors that are more common in children, and some tumors that are more than 60 years old. The symptoms of all types of tumors are not the same in women.In one case, the tumor manifests itself in different ways. As a result, we can’t say in which cases the tumor is more. In a word, any man or woman of any age can have a brain tumor.There are different types of tumors in children, the elderly and women. It is really sad that we are seeing an increase in its incidence.




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